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Salucro is an advanced payment platform that focuses on helping providers collect more patient payments, protect payment information and manage reports from one application.
16 Payment Options | Designed for Healthcare | Complete Integration

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Simplify Patient Payments

How to get started?

There are no implementation fees to get started with Salucro. Salucro offers an all-in-one payment processing solution that can help providers save with a flat blended rate.

Salucro can integrate into any existing patient management system. Implementation is fast and easy. Providers can start processing more payment options in 6 weeks.

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Better Payment Options

With over 16 payment options, multiple e-wallets and shorter queues, the patient experience will be dramatically improved. Salucro also offers an online patient portal, payment kiosks and banking opportunities.

Report Manage and Post

Salucro"e;s platform easily allows providers to create users and control access permissions. Users can quickly track payments, pull detailed analytics and generate reports. File formats include CSV, TXT, XLS and Auto Post options.

Patients can conveniently view and pay their balance online. Users can check the updates directly in their HIS.

Payment Methods